Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dice dice, baby!

What kind of rpg geek would I be if I didn't talk about dice from time to time?

The bad kind... and we cannot have that.

Anyway, last Xmas my beautiful wife gave me a set of Crystal Caste's Brushed Steel Dwarven Metal dice, complete with black leather drawstring bag! Needless to say, I jumped for joy then took them for a spin as soon as possible (I rolled up a Castles & Crusades character, if I correctly recall). They felt just right, even though they are a bit smaller than their usual plastic polyhedral counterparts. The d6 threw me the most. Seems small, but boy does it pack a punch! These dice can KILL, my friends. They're heavy and incredibly sturdy. These aren't just dice, they're lethal weapons.

Just look at those things. Gorgeous, no? And they can be yours for the reasonable price of $25. Find out more here!

I have many, many, many dice. But I've been getting some serious mileage out of my fabulous Dwarven Metal.

I'll be sure to post about any cool new dice I procure or see floating around.

Lethality: Mega-TPK. No survivors-- No way, no how.

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