Saturday, August 2, 2008

Short Uncontrolled Bursts? How about Total Blog Kill.

Hey folks, this draft has been sitting here since April. I keep wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with this damned thing. I think I might have figured it out. Instead of "Short Uncontrolled Bursts" (as that's the name of the comics section of my upcoming Comics Waiting Room column Total Party Kill, landing this Tuesday), this will be Total Blog Kill. At least for now. I can dump short reviews of games and comics here, like I originally intended. Or something. Anyhow, here are a few old mini-reviews I typed out months ago late at night...


One day, I'll get this regular entry-blogging-in-the-blogosmear down. One day. But for now, here are REALLY short reviews. Under this snappy title-name... thing.

Today's batch is covering comics. It usually will. Just so you know.

Zorro #2: Wagner and Francavilla are keeping me interested with a great story, chock full of intrigue, mystery and action. In this issue, we learn of a traumatic event which shape's the narrator and Zorro's life. 5 out of 6 foxy Zs.

2000 AD Extreme Edition #28: The Mean Arena reprints wrap up and Wolf Rawker is the best name ever. Lots of fun with Maniac for Hire and Superbean. A great reissuing of underrated past-thrills! 4 out of 5 Tharg Love-babies.

Battlestar Galactica Origins: Baltar #4: This excellent arc ends with yet another solid issue. Best BSG comics offering since Zarek. A "not-to-miss" for Battlestar fans. 5 cylon heads out of 6.

The Boys #17: This title soldiers on-- and it keeps getting BETTER. I don't think Ennis has even hit his stride yet with The Boys. The love story is touching. And there's nothing like the undead to spruce things up! 3 red-wings out of 4.

Red Sonja #30: As Red Sonja travels along on her death-ride, we get some stories of her past. In this issue, we are treated to a tale from Ron Marz with Lee Moder on art. Both kick some ass. This title continues to have the quality we all know and love. 5 Hykanian discos out of 6.


Right. And there it was. So for those of you reading, I hope I can update this occasionally or maybe even regularly. As I always say: we'll see.

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