Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dice, Minis, Paizo... and Madness?

Howdy, folks... or those few of you who take the time to stop by... I thought I would take some time myself today to link to a few things that I found of interest.

First off, take a look to the left there. See those? Call of Cthulhu dice! How neat is that? "Very neat, Steve" you'd better say. Chaosium is bringing the Halloween season with some cool stuff, but what mainly stole my immortal soul were these babies. And only $18 (US) plus shipping. Not bad when you think about it. Click on that purty picture for a direct link to some more information on this awesome aberration of an unspeakable thing.

Another thing I saw in my travels through the mess that is the World Wide Web was Erik Mona of Paizo talking about the possibility of Paizo not jumping on the D&D 4th edition bandwagon, or at least not right away. He talks some good points concerning his company and WotC / Hasbro. Then, being the good sport he is, asks people to chime in. Read it in all of it's glory here. Personally, I'm hoping Paizo continues to become an independent gaming power. I'd love to see them do some more 3.5 stuff and also join ranks with the Castles & Crusades crew. We'll see what happens.

Hirst Arts creates molds for you to make blocks in order to build neat minis terrain. Sure, it's some work, but I've found stuff like this to be very rewarding. Anyways, they have a gallery that shows off what some people have done. It all caught my eye nicely, but what REALLY caught my eye was this bridge scene. Wow, I say. Wow.

Alrighty, that's all the time I have right now to do an update. As usual, here is me saying that I'll try to do more in less time. Always a hollow promise, I know.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mappy Warhammery Goodness

I've been meaning to post this for awhile. In fact, I've had it noted on my desktop for quite some time. This is a map of Praag from the upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Kislev supplement, Realm of the Ice Queen. I came across it by way of Steve Darlington's Livejournal. Click on the image for it's full and glorious size.


And while poking around the Black Industries site, I came across the map for Erengrad, too!

I love maps. I love Warhammer. This is kinda like pr0n to me, truth be told. More maps can be found here.

I'll be picking this supplement up. I've been waiting for a WFRP Kislev book that's awesome for quite some time. At least I know it will LOOK great. Let's hope there's more to it than just pretty dressing (I'm very hopeful it is; I'm willing to bet it is). Even if I don't play WFRP for a long while, I'll still be getting my grubby mitts on this bit of tasty warpstone. It seems that the end of October isn't just Hellgate: London time (which comes out the 31st, whereas the Kislev book emerges the 30th).

TV Time with Steve

I don't get to watch television often, and when I do it's normally on DVD, or through iTunes or something like that. There's always more nefarious means of watching TV programs that I missed when they aired, but I would never be a party to that. Oh, never ever.

Anyway, I'd like to take a moment to talk about my latest TV watching habits, especially the shows that pertain to Geekdom. Fortunately (and probably sadly to many), almost all of the boob tubage I enjoy is of the "Class A Dork" variety. So, without further pre-ramble, here are my thoughts on what I've been watching...

Note: Follow the links if you need an explanation of the program mentioned. Saves me a lot of typing, thanks.

Update Note on the, erm, Update Notes: I started writing this and then got sidetracked. Now we're onto further eps with some of the new series and seasons I yammer about. I'll be sure to note the updates... Not that it matters to you, as this is the first time anyone other than me is reading this entry. I'm just to damned lazy to re-write the whole thing. So there.

Heroes: Yeah, Heroes is everyone's favourite show it would seem. Some folks watch it and say "I don't get it" or that "it's stupid". It's my XP that these folks just say that because they don't want to be a part of the herd. Use your imagination to place more snarky comments here. Fun. huh? Look, Heroes is a good show. But it isn't perfect, as the Season 2 opener demonstrates. To me it felt like something airing mid-season. Maybe that was the intention? Aside from some stunning revelations (which is the usual fare), this ep felt a bit... boring? Can I use that word? It wasn't bad, not by any stretch. And I'm sure that by the time the Season 2 DVDs come out, it will play out much better. Kinda like a trade-paperback these days and how single issues are geared toward that. *sigh* Figures. 7.5/10

Second Ep Update: Looks like Heroes is back to kicking ass, taking names, then setting them on fire. I wonder if Kensei turns out to be the big bad guy OR turns out to be the guy who organised the "older" heroes. Maybe both? What? What spoilers. Shut up, you. 9/10

Bionic Woman: Talk about overhyped. Am I the only person who thinks this show is dead average? At least as far as the pilot goes, I mean. Katee Sackhoff is kinda good, as are all the other BSG cast people who pop up so that BSG fans watch. Or something. But sadly, our fave female Starbuck fatale can't save the show from the sub-par writing and dialogue. Not only that, but the main character is pretty forgettable. What's her name? I can't remember. Not the actresses' fault, mind. This falls on the producers and writers. Really, this show is no better than Painkiller Jane in my eyes. So far, anyways. Not a bad pilot, but it could have been much better, like in a way that I could recall more that 10% of it. And I have a good memory. Here's to hoping it will improve... but I doubt it. Still, I'd love to be wrong. And before I forget, I'd like for these guys to stop fucking with this show and get back to Battlestar Galactica, which has been fucked with so much that 7 children around the world just cried. 5/10

Flash Gordon: This is the worst show in the history of television. I'm sure you've read all those bad reviews, right? Well, they fucking LIE. This show is WORSE. It could be handed to Uwe Boll on a meth binge with a case of Coors under his belt and it would end up 314983526486324739 times better. This show fucking sucks. If I had a time machine, I would go back to SDCC and punch that dude out who is/was with this show and said it would rock. FUCK YOU, DUDE. I HATE YOU. This is one of the rare instances where I would actually lose respect for someone for even remotely liking this show. Painkiller Jane and Dresden Files were canceled for THIS? Seriously? There are no redeeming qualities to this show and all the negative things could fill a blog for 677 years straight with entries posted every hour. To the cast, crew, and writers of this show: die in a fire. Okay, I take that back-- it's not the actors' fault for sucking. Nor is it the technical crew's fault. But you producers, writers and the like? Fuck yerselves. I'm embarrassed I watched the first few episodes of this fucking travesty. Flash Gordon doesn't even try. It's just a lazy, terrible 3rd season of Sliders rip-off. I've seen better Junior High School plays, which had a higher budget and superior direction. They'd be better off if they just hired some monkeys, mentally handicapped people, some insane homeless people and they would have a better show. Wait, wait-- Sorry. I just totally insulted the mentally challenged, monkeys, and crazy bums. Big time apologies to them even joking that they should be with this show. Same goes for Uwe Boll. Sorry about that, man. But please note that Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne are Oscar winning material compared to Flash Gordon. Avoid this TV show at all costs, or you WILL fail your SAN check. Badly. -4657/10 (Worst Show Ever Award! Way to go, douchebags.)

Update: Still not watching this piece of shit. I don't think I was serious enough before when I said I hate this show. This show would be in better standing with me if it raped my children. Yeah. It's that bad.

Journeyman: Based on the pilot for this show, it ain't half bad. Plus, it has Kevin McKidd (Rome, Trainspotting) which is ALWAYS a major plus. Sadly, I fear this show isn't as awesome as critics are saying it is. I suppose that just proves these critics don't watch much TV? That can't be. Maybe they're just drunk? Desperate? Simply not me? Who knows. Look, Journeyman is well written, has good direction, some nice dialogue, AND great acting; but all of that can't save this show from looking like a de/mal/semi-formed Quantum Leap clone to me. That's exactly what it is, so far anyway. The good thing is that the pilot was put together well enough to snag my interest and warrant further viewing from my awesome eyes. I don't expect shows to be original; in fact, I don't really want them to be. However, this show lacks a lot of that originality that made hokey but sweet shows like Quantum Leap fun and interesting. Many of those critics out there also reference Early Edition. Hey, I remember that show. I guess they do watch a lot of TV, as they probably make up 80% of the folks that watched that show (no offence to the bunch that did that show or liked it... I liked it, too). But yeah, Journeyman has even less sci-fi elements than Quantum Leap did (that is, if you count QL's Duran Duran liner notes sci-fi to be science fiction). There IS one thing that makes this show REALLY intriguing, and that's the ex-ghoulfiend (Olivia, I believe). Her story is gonna be neat, or so I hope. This show is off to a solid start, even if it's all been done before. Often. Oh, and for the love of tacos: STOP IT WITH THE SHITTY RADIO MUSIC DURING A "MOVING" SCENE. Or just in general. Jesus, it blows, and ruins part of the show for me. 7/10

Second Ep Update: This is so far proving to be a solid and entertaining show. Nothing wholly awesome, mind; but certainly enjoyable enough to warrant further viewing. As my buddy Ryan Speck says: "It's Touched By an Angel meets Quantum Leap". Except, and I'm sure he'd agree, it's not nearly as lame as Touched by an Angel. Another note: The Actress that plays Livia is named Moon Bloodgood. Dude. That's like a way neat-o and yet massively cliche D&D character name. Plus she's hawt. But not as hawt as... Well, just read the next show bit. 7.8/10

Chuck: Highly entertaining fluffy show about a "regular nerd dude" who ends up with all these government sekrits zapped into his noggin. Two agents are assigned to him. One is probably the hottest woman on TV bar none and the other is Adam Baldwin, who's hot in his own special way. But seriously, the Sarah character is played by a fucking gorgeous woman. I really hope I never have to meet her with my wife around (or my wife NOT around, if you know what I mean... hubba hubba). Oh, here she is. Dayum. Anyhow, the main character is well handled, too. If you enjoy quirky spy-comedies where dialogue is it's strongest element, you can't miss with this show. Two eps in and I'm hooked. I even looked up the Nerd Herd. You should too. 8.7/10

Reaper: Some folks are saying that this show is similar to Chuck in the way that it also has a protagonist who is a slacker/nerd type who works in a Best Buy or someplace like that except it's more like Home Depot. Reaper's main character is more of a slacker, though, and he's some poor sop who's family made a deal with the devil and now Mr. O Come All Ye Faithful has come to collect. And so Sam, the aforementioned protagonist, has to go take on baddies and suck 'em up with a Dirt Devil (for now). Honestly, even with the mighty Kevin Smith directing the pilot, I didn't have high expectations for this series. Now I'm pissed because I missed the second episode! (I'm sure I'll update this soon with my thoughts on that) Like Chuck, this is also a rather lighthearted show with even more of an emphasis on comedy. I suppose there are a lot of similarities after all, but since both show are so well written, acted, and chock full of witty banter, I don't give a crap how alike they are. Reaper FTW. 8.9/10 (extra points for having Teh Devil)

Second Ep Update: The second ep is a lot of fun... I've noticed that this show is basically Dead Like Me meets Brimstone and The Collector (which is a Canadian show-- think Brimstone meets Forever Knight). Nothing wholly original (just like Chuck, unsurprisingly), but it's still a lot of fun. The version of the pilot I watched had a different actress playing the love interest, but I have to admit that this gal from Heroes is a good choice. For one she's not a cardboard cut-out (sorry, but the last actress was rather stiff in the role). Reaper looks like it's going to be a pretty neat show. Here's to hoping it goes beyond the 1st season. Also, Sock is probably one of the best characters on TV right these days. 8.6/10

That's enough yabbling about TV for now... I suppose if I went on I would ramble about how I miss Burn Notice, that the 2006 Robin Hood BBC series kicks ass on DVD, and that Sarah Connor Chronicles is going to rawk and rawk hard (I just wish they'd stop pushing it back... air it already!). You just wait. There's also another show called Moonlight that I've heard about. I'll try to give my thoughts on it when I come across it. At some point I might rant about how BSG has turned into a partial lump of shit, and even if it hasn't it gets fucked with so much that I'm beginning to so not care.

Life has been busy for me lately, but I will try to update more often.