Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dice, Minis, Paizo... and Madness?

Howdy, folks... or those few of you who take the time to stop by... I thought I would take some time myself today to link to a few things that I found of interest.

First off, take a look to the left there. See those? Call of Cthulhu dice! How neat is that? "Very neat, Steve" you'd better say. Chaosium is bringing the Halloween season with some cool stuff, but what mainly stole my immortal soul were these babies. And only $18 (US) plus shipping. Not bad when you think about it. Click on that purty picture for a direct link to some more information on this awesome aberration of an unspeakable thing.

Another thing I saw in my travels through the mess that is the World Wide Web was Erik Mona of Paizo talking about the possibility of Paizo not jumping on the D&D 4th edition bandwagon, or at least not right away. He talks some good points concerning his company and WotC / Hasbro. Then, being the good sport he is, asks people to chime in. Read it in all of it's glory here. Personally, I'm hoping Paizo continues to become an independent gaming power. I'd love to see them do some more 3.5 stuff and also join ranks with the Castles & Crusades crew. We'll see what happens.

Hirst Arts creates molds for you to make blocks in order to build neat minis terrain. Sure, it's some work, but I've found stuff like this to be very rewarding. Anyways, they have a gallery that shows off what some people have done. It all caught my eye nicely, but what REALLY caught my eye was this bridge scene. Wow, I say. Wow.

Alrighty, that's all the time I have right now to do an update. As usual, here is me saying that I'll try to do more in less time. Always a hollow promise, I know.

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