Sunday, January 15, 2012

Midnight Mini pr0n: Back for the Space S****n Attack!

It's good to be back. And Happy Midnight, everyone in the Pacific Standard Time Zone! Chances are, though, that you're reading this the next morning because you don't live in the same time zone as me and other Awesome People. Chances are that I'm writing this much earlier, updating it piece by piece as I work on other stuff (like your mom--BAM) and then having the damned thing post at Midnight.

Really, it doesn't matter. I like using the name "Midnight Mini pr0n" and you will like it, too, like it or not.

Tonight I would like to geek out over discovering Mega Miniatures. Now, I may have discovered them before, but it's been a while, so give me a break, okay? Let's get to it!

Note: All pictures are pulled from the Mega Miniatures site and eBay store. If anyone over at Mega Miniatures has a problem with this, please contact me: synabetic (at) gmail (dot) com.
Part of me dreads saying this, but I hope this company doesn't get nailed by You-Know-Who... I mean-- dare I say it?-- they have Space Skaven-esque figures and Sci-Fi Beastmen available! I guess it should be stated right freaking now that this is my opinion and my opinion only. Period. I am certain Mega Miniatures had no intention of their miniatures looking like or reminding anyone of a particular miniatures line. Got that? Good.

First, I encourage every goddamned nerd reading this to look through their eBay store and PDF catalogs. There is some epic stuff to be had! I am going to document my wish list. Deep breath. Prepare the sacrificial altar with the requisite baby hearts. I'm gonna freak right the heck out.

Looksss, man-thing things! Space Skav-- er Ratmen! I've been kitbashing rodent-doods like this for years, but I was excessively pleased to see this selection. My Rogue Trader RPG players, on the other paw, will most probably be displeased. The sculpts appear decent and I was reading that these are tin minis, and while I used to be pretty resistant to the "tin movement", I'm sure these will be just fine. Oh, and the price. A great price, and they also offer affordable shipping rates. But wait-- there's more!

Man, those rat-dudes look badass! I foresee spending in my future... I'll report on what they're like in person when I finally get around to feeding my habit.

While you're here, reading, do know that individually these Space Ratmen are running $2.50 a piece for the average sized ones, $4.99 for the large ones and $1.50 for the smaller ones. To save space and time, I have not included the 15mm Ratguys, but you should totally check them out, yo.

Moving on...

This has to be shown Big Picture style.

Feast on the Motherfething Awesomeness. What I see here is a miniatures line that will appeal to fans of Undead, The Terminator, Necrons and Westworld. You could even do Galaxy Rangers meets Deadlands in Spaaaace, pardner.

In other words: I love them.

Yeah, sure, some of the sculpts look a little goofy, but overall they're magnificent and give me all kinds of gaming ideas. They also give me ideas on top of already formed Evil Ideas I have for my Rogue Trader RPG group (perhaps you're getting the impression that said group is going to hate-love me-- good).

There are many, many more minis to be had by the fine folks over at Mega Miniatures, including classic Grenadier models from Ye Olden Days of Yore. Yeah, a buddy and I nerded it up over them on Facebook last night.

My girlfriend probably thinks I'm pathetically weird.

I will show you some more things of beauty. Truth be told, I am a man who appreciates devices of execution. Don't judge my violent solutions to society's problems, you bigots. I'm perfectly normal having wanted gallows and headsman playsets since I was seven.

Nice. For those of you who don't have the same kind of gallows humour I do: Sorry.
The dropped shoe is a very, very neat touch, by the way.

I wouldn't recommend this as a way to get a head in life.

Speaking of heads, I think they have mounted ones available through their catalog. Really, this is one of the first places to-- wait for it-- head to when you want something other than paper scenery. By the way, WorldWorks produces some of the best paper terrain stuff on the market, as does Fat Dragon Games.

Anyone looking for good tips on some stocks?

Oh, I kill me. What's that? You want to do this to me, don't you:

Tempting to make a rack joke about the lady in the stocks, too...

Right, I understand. But when you're all done doing what you do, make sure you get the proper equipment to clean it up:

Hee hee hee...

I really need to get me these things. Be sure to check out the rest of Mega Miniature's scenery.

Oh! And for you child haters out there...

Yeah, yeah, cry me a river kid. That'll teach you to never steal another man's Veritech fighter again.

That's all for now, folks, I hope you dug this one. It's a bit long in the exacto-bladed tooth, but I figured I'd throw in a bunch of images. As for an image to leave you on, here's some Skeletons.

Everyone loves Skeletons.

Thanks, Mega Miniatures, for producing some excellent things to choose from! I'll totally blame you when my girlfriend complains I haven't bought her flowers lately or haven't taken her out to the tapas bar in a long, long while.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Leave a comment damn it. Or if you're Intardnets shy, shoot me an email: synabetic(at)gmail(dot)com

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