Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midnight Mini pr0n: Sexy Sexy Shock Troopers

OOooooYEAH! It's time to get down with another Mini pr0n-- at Midnight, even.         

Have a short one in store for you (again), but I'd like to keep these short, you know? Cuz... well, cuz I'm kinda busy and lazy and busy being lazy.

Wargames Factory stormed the market not all that long ago with very decently designed and affordable plastic kits. I've dug what they've thrown at us so far, but the one I really, REALLY geek out over is their Greatcoat Shock Troopers.

Bring on the SEXY.

Or Shock Troops. Or Greatcoat Troopers-- whatevs. It's from their Alien Suns line, which also has...

buh-LAM! Now THAT is Bitch Puddin'.

Anyways, let's keep this about the Greatcoats. Essentially "Ze Germans" of Spaaaaace... And it never gets old.

"Und keep zem up!"

No. I am not being sarcastic. Not being sarcastic there, either. I don't know about you, but I love this shit. And if you're not participating in any official "tourneys" or whatever, and you like like playing something that sounds akin to "Imperial Guard" or "Traitor Guardsmen", then these cheap and well-done plastic minis will do nicely.

"Und zen I shot Herr Gaunt in ze face."

Personally, I can find all kinds of uses for them. From Weird War type RPG stuff to Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader RPG goodness to Judge Dredd and Traveller and Gamma World. In fact-- well, in fact, I can't help but wonder what mixing up some of these plastic kits with other kits Wargames factory has to offer... Like this:

"Sssshocktrooper brainssss..."

Mixed up with a bit of this:

"Vendi, vidi, vici-- time to take Space France!"

All in all, a great selection of stuff. See for yourself!

And the best part? I'm in Canada and ordering one of these sets only costs me just over $25 when shipping is thrown in. Awesome!! I can see myself ordering lots of these in the future.

I mean, it's important that I construct my Undead Space Roman Shock Troops, right?

(Quick Update: All pictures pulled from the Wargames Factory's site!)

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