Friday, January 27, 2012

Total Party Kill 1/27/12: Mouthfisting the Zombie Dickheads for Science

First, the banner:


And hey, how about another banner I found in the images dead elephant graveyard for this blog?

Just gaming, though? Shame.

Anyhow, welcome to another Friday here at Diary of a Grognerd. After the jump, you will find links to everything that went up here since last Friday, links to neat things around the intardnets and ultrawebs, and a couple featured "X of the Week!" items.

And... get ready... get ready... steady... JUMP

Here's what's been goin' on...

Flashback Montage With Your Mom Theatre

Mini Profile: Epic Wargaming
Paper minis and terrain? Hell, yes. And this new outfit has some free stuff for you to check out, including some sweet, sweet rules (also FREE).

Pimpstarter: Flying Fortress Volume 1
A new feature thing where I will try to find Kickstarter projects that look interesting to me... and maybe you'll find them interesting, too.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #20 [Comic Review]
I review a Marvel comic which involves-- I think-- Wolverine's son.

Behold! The Enemy of All Mini-Kind
Minis and cats will never get along...

Midnight Mini pr0n: Reaper 012312--GO!
Wherein I show off some sexy new Reaper minis.

I know, I know. Not much on The Posting for me. And yes, Kelvin, I will be going through Dredd vs Death this next week and posting about that.


Look! Linky Logs of Love

MINIS: Whilst searching around, I found this decent review on some popular paints. Sadly missing Reaper, however.

MINIS/HISTORY/ETC: Via these guys, I found this post on the Top 10 Most Bizarre Wars.

COMICS/INTERNET: A really good thought-provoking post on piracy, SOPA and such from comic writer Josh Fialkov.

COMICS: A totally zarjaz 2000 AD themed blog, Thrill Powered Thursday, from the supreme and most amazing Hipster Dad.

COMICS: Speaking of Zarjaz, here's some art for DEATH PLANET (it needs to be written in caps), coming with an issue of Judge Dredd Megazine soon. Also read DEATH PLANET's cover artist Pye Parr's blog. Dude-Droid is scary talented and stuff.

"What do you mean DEATH PLANET is dangerous??"

RANDOM: Coolest name for a freelance art person's web presence ever? I like to think so. From the site: "Flaming Unicorn Skeleton is the freelance practice of Joel Tellier, a compulsive artist who has a keen eye for detail, simplicity and relevance within the work he produces."

COMICS: Artist Chris Moreno's mind and body has thrown up some of the coolest shit since Gymkata aired in Albanian: ZOMBIE DICKHEADS (also needs to be in caps). I will be buying this, as I know already that it rules, and rules hard. You should probably pick it up, too.

Pictured: Not Gymkata. Thank GOD.

RPGS: Are you keeping up with Paizo's RPG Superstar? You should be.

COMICS: Writer Jamie Gambell and friends have released the comic OMNITARIUM (caps!) for free. It's worth checking out, so get it here. It's around 100 pages of terrifically crafted horror, kids. Be sure to tip the hardworking talent, mmmkay? GET IT.

Sing it now: "Om-ni-tarium... it... be... free!"

WEBCOMICS: And finally for links, the TPK Webcomic of the Week is... OVERCAST WITH A CHANCE OF DOOM. If you're like me and enjoy dark, gothy humour, go enjoy the poop out of this. Brought to you by Robert Tritthardt, the diseased mind behind the most excellent Writhe and Shine.

Read it HERE, dammit.

There are tons of other things I would love to link to, but there simply isn't time. That was a pretty comics heavy links-debut, wasn't it? Next time I'll be sure to do more concerning video games and rpgs.


Mini pr0n!

This week, I would like to further prove I have a thing for Ze Germans in Spaaaaaace (Example 4-57b). Just gaze upon these dudes:

Yup. That robot is BOSS, man.

Pig Iron Productions' Kolony Militia HQ (KL.6) is really, really, nice. In fact, all of Pig Iron's minis are breathtaking little fellas. Sometime in the near future, I will have to do a Midnight Mini pr0n focused on them. I need to save my hard earned gold-pressed latinum so I can order these babies.


That's It?

For this week, yeah. I've had a lot going on, but I wanted to get a Friday TPK in there, y'know? TPKs will always be different, and will only have a loose format to follow... as you can no doubt see. I didn't even give anything a lethality score in the Official TPK Post this time around. Weird.

But, since you've been so good, I will leave you with this...

You are going to have to touch it to make it bigger.

The above screenshot from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO is courtesy of Mr. Andrew Brown, a true gentleman and scholar. It's also a strange, esoteric hint of something destined to rear its ugly head in the hallowed halls of Diary of a Grognerd.

Fine. I'll leave you with something else, too; another teaser of something else in the works:

Object Shown may be closer than it appears.

Hope to see you lot throughout the week! Until next time, take care of yourself... and those bodies you need to bury.


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