Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weird War Love [Comics Safari!]

Instead of miniatures this witching hour, how about some Weird War Tales covers? Yeah?

I thought so.

See, I just can't help loving this classic comic book anthology series-- especially after the work I've been doing on The Secret Cross. This stuff is inspirational, entertaining, and highly, highly influential for me.

I grew up on these books, man.

DC - Weird War Tales - No.3 - Feb,1972 by DaddyNewt.

I love that one above. Brilliant!

weird_war_tales_89 by

Nazi gorillas... imagine that!

Weird War Tales No. 40 by FromConcentrate.

Above is a fave from when I was a youngin'.

weird_war_tales_120 by

G.I. Robot!!!

Weird War Tales No. 39 by FromConcentrate.

Ahhhh... A Kubert CLASSIC.

Ever wonder what's wrong with comics today? I'll tell you: NOT ENOUGH CENTAURS VS. TANKS. That's pretty much it in a nutshell, folks.

Nein! Voodoo Ratzis!

Weird War Tales 9


Weird War Tales 15

Of course, I'm partial to anything WWI these days.

Weird War Tales 48

Weird War Tales 73

Weird War Tales 80

Above is another all-time Weird War fave cover o' mine.

And before we're done, you HAVE to see this:

Weird War Tales 98

That is such a rad cover.

I pulled these images from all over the web, but one great place I found eventually is! Here are their Weird War Tales ones.

See if you can find one with the undead Native American warriors going to battle in space.

God, I love Weird War Tales. And I dug the Vertigo re-vamp ones, too... but they just didn't have the same feel (though they were still fantastic).

Alright, bedtime for me. Hope you enjoyed this!

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