Monday, November 10, 2008

Mininight Mini pr0n - Troll Forged [Minis!]

Tonight, I would like to treat you to Troll Forged! This is a top-notch operation, folks, and is a testament to homebrew mini-creation and sales. I mean, just look at those Mutants! And all of this... sexy, sexy stuff...

Breathtaking, no?

That's one hell of an Orc!!

They do traditional, too...

Nice... But, really, their creatures are something to behold!

The prices aren't bad, either.

Make sure to click on those pic for more info on the respective mini (and to see them BIGGER).

And be sure to explore Troll Forged Miniatures further!!

Man, anyone involved with these outstanding minis NEEDS your money. They require it. So, go on, GIVE IT TO THEM.

See you next time, you minis pervs!

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