Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two new Secret Cross characters! [Secret Cross]

Below are a couple more character designs for THE SECRET CROSS, as done by the massively talented Dominic Vivona.

Also, is in our hands now. Expect a site there soon.

Also, also, a Secret Cross anthology? One where it has the very first mission of the Allmacht's Secret Cross in 1870, MORE WWI madness, and maybe even a tale set in 1905 Colonial German Africa? You betcha. There is already a new tale as done by another very talented artist that we should reveal soon.

Until then, enjoy these characters!

First up we have Jäger Roy Kaplan, a man of Jewish heritage who is fiercely dedicated to his Reich and Kaiser. Roy is an infiltration and suppression expert and is utterly, utterly fearless.

Next up is Serzhant (Sgt.) Zhel, a serious bad-ass from Bulgaria. If you need someone to butcher a path through the enemy with his bare hands, this is your man. Mess with Zhel at your own peril, lest you become the mess yourself.

And there you go! More character designs should be landing soon. In the meantime, try to keep those smokes lit and socks dry.

Be sure to check out the char-designs for Jup and Rudi, then Captain Füller and a Soldat, as well as the excellent cover/teaser images Dom did (and more info on the SC can be found there too)!

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