Saturday, November 8, 2008

Midnight Mini pr0n - Reaper Madness [Minis!]

I'd like to debut Midnight Mini pr0n here on Diary of a Grognerd. I've been posting them in my Livejournal for a little while now, but I thought it was best over here (though I'll be sure to link from my LJ). Feel free to comment here or there! I'll try to post awesome miniatures here every night at midnight (or thereabouts-- hey, it's always midnight somewhere). Suggestions as to what to check out and post are ALWAYS welcome.

Be sure to click on the pics for more info, and to see the minis in their unpainted glory and from other angles!

Today's Mini pr0n is brought to you by the magnificent REAPER MINIATURES, a terrific company that can suit nearly all of your tabletop RPG needs!

That's a GNOME. Hell yeah!


And WOW, those Sea Elves are great!

I would like one of the above, please.

I have the above Blackguard. Um, he doesn't look that good, though.

And there are SO SO SO many more to be found at the Reaper Miniatures site.

See you at the next... MIDNIGHT MINI PR0N!!

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