Saturday, November 8, 2008

Teaser for THE SECRET CROSS comic!! [Pimpin'!]

I posted this over in my LJ earlier, but I thought I'd put it up here, too:

Click on the image to make it bigger AND sexier!

And here's some copy (which is a way to say I'm lazy and just copied-- HA!-- my lj text, with a couple changes):

The Secret Cross is an organisation formed under Otto von Bismarck (as a part of the Allmacht Projekt) in 1869 in order to defend the future German Empire and Europe from supernatural threats and the like. Flash-forward to 1914, World War One. The Secret Cross is there, whether on the battlefields or behind the lines, fighting some of the nastiest horrors you will ever see with rifles, Lugers, flamethrowers, bayonets, swords and trench-knives. Most of the story focuses on one of the Secret Cross units and their travails, as well as a new sketch artist draft-dodger who has been assigned to them as a form of punishment. The Secret Cross is the journey of how the terrors of war and the nightmarish beyond bring men closer together and is the first chapter of a greater story which explores the nature of evil.


And Dracula shows up. Have I mentioned that? Oh, yes. Dracula.
But not as you know him.

You'll see.

An upcoming comic book written by Steven G. Saunders (that's ME) and Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies) and illustrated by the masterful Dominic Vivona (Gunplay).

Neat, eh?

Stay tuned for more!

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