Friday, November 21, 2008

Midnight Mini pr0n - Mutant Chronicles [Minis!]

Tonight I'm taking a break from watching The Lighthorsemen so that I might post this new find in the world of miniatures. Now, I'm a long-time fan of Mutant Chronicles, primarily the RPG. It would seem the master-lords of boardgames and Warhammer roleplay material, Fantasy Flight Games, have a collectible miniature wargame for my beloved Mutant Chronicles.

Sadly, having seen the movie with my special mutant powers, I don't think it will help the sales of this game much. However, these 54mm minis may just sell the game on their own.

And before you start-- Yes, I am well aware that Inquisitor immediately springs to mind when you see these. But then again, MC was already deeply drinking from the 40k cup anyway.

There's the starter box, above. Go ahead and click on it to see what you get when you drop the $30 USD required to possess it.

Dudes with swords. Huzzah!

Yeah, those guys are pretty sexay.


Hey, look! Kroot-taurs.


More minis-action here, and that includes some cool looking Capitol guys.

The official page for the whole Mutant Chronicles collectible minis-game is here.

I really don't know how the game plays completely, but it looks pretty cool. It also claims to have some cool new army building kinda madness, which is also cool.

Maybe I'll check it out. But for now we can enjoy these high-quality pre-painted figs.
(I also assume the figures are plastic.)

Or this game could totally suck in a mind-blowing manner. I guess we'll find out when it hits shelves.

Now... back to my WWI movie, dammit.


Reis O'Brien said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet! These look pretty cool. This is a lot like me buying a bunch of World of Warcraft miniatures this past Christmas. I still haven't played the damn game, but I think I'm just addicted to little plastic monsters that move around on maps. ;)

Steve Saunders said...

Oh, yeah, I hear you there. I just love buying the damned things... heh.