Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secret Cross Armistice Day teasers and interview [Secret Cross]

Happy Armistice/Remembrance/Veteran's day to everyone, and I would like to thank all the vets out there for their outstanding service to their respective countries. A great big Thank You goes out to my father as well, who not only served in the Marines in the 50's and then later in the Air Force in Thailand during the Vietnam War but was also a Cold Warrior and was there to be the top Radar Tech guy for E-3A NATO AWACS during the 80's (read here for cool NATO AWACS info).

In the spirit of the day, I have two more of Dom's character designs to show you:

Go ahead and click on them to make 'em bigger. Who you're seeing is Jup, a jack-of-all-trades scout-sniper, mechanic and pilot (actually based on a real WWII vet I knew while growing up in Germany); and Rudi, the heavy weapons, axe-swinging driver of the unit. Don't worry, there are more guys coming, and then there are, of course, all of the "expendables" (not that these "name" guys are sacred or anything!).

The other treat I have for you is the interview Stephen Lindsay (my writing/creation partner) did for Comic Monsters. READ IT HERE!

And just in case you're showing up for the first time, check out the first two character designs here, and the SECRET CROSS teaser/cover image here. All art by the masterful Dominic Vivona!

Alrighty, stay tuned for more madness to come, troops.

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