Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bullseye: Greatest Hits [Comics Safari]

"See, they're afraid that if I have a solid bowel movement, I just might kill somebody with it."

Hey, it's been awhile since I updated on here. Sorry about that-- the usual excuses apply.

Lately I've been picking up trades here and there that I think I may enjoy, and one which caught my attention is the Bulleye: Greatest Hits collection. I was curious, you see. I love Bullseye, and he's one of the few superhero/villain characters I really, really dig. Plus, it has Steve Dillon on art! Always a plus.

But Daniel Way, who some I know know call "Dreaded Danny", was on writing duties. Would it be good? Somewhat good? Or... awful? "Where there's Way, there is uncertainty and, honestly, fear," a fellow comic reviewer person once told me.

I am pleased to report that this Bullseye trade is a glorious headshot, kids. In fact, this is Daniel Way's best work. He weaves a story filled with pathos, lies and deception, and more red herrings than you can wave a fish market at. Even saying that much, I give things away, so I won't go into detail. Let's just say that the whole package is excellent, and you might learn a thing or two about my fave Marvel assassin. In the end, I was howling with laughter. Thanks, Mr. Way-- you totally kicked this geek's ass. Nice work.

As for the art? Brilliant. Steve Dillion has a certain style that only he can get away with. I have to be honest, most of his characters look similar across all the things he's worked on. You can always spot Dillion's work. And if someone tried to be like him they may be called lazy or in need of some new approaches. But dammit, Dillon totally pulls it off again and again. It's not just what he delivers, you see, it's how he delivers. His work is always clean and neat, easy on the eyes and never, ever bad. He also draws one of my all-time favourtist versions of The Punisher (who has a brief cameo in Greatest Hits, bless their hearts).

All told, this is a fantastic book and is well worth whatever money you drop on it. The flat-out tricky narrative and terrific visual style make this of of the must-have trades for me.

It's a good thing I have it then, eh?

If you love Bullseye and a fun, evil romp of a story that plays out like a Usual Suspects or Lucky Numer Slevin movie, then you are in for a treat.

For more information, go here.

Lethality: Boom. Headshots. That party will never fuck with a near-toothless hooker ever again.
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