Monday, October 20, 2008

For your eyes and reading pleasure... [Pimpin'!]

Here's a quick 5-page comic short that is sure to entertain many of you: The First Boy

It involves a boy and a sword in a stone. And it won't end the way you think it will.

It's the first offering from Wicker Man Studios Presents, from writer Park Cooper and artist Ryan Howe.

And if you want to see something really, really cool from Ryan Howe, I made his SALVUS pin-up the background for my Twitter Page!

It certainly tiles nicely.

The full image is above.
Click on it to make it bigger, yo!

After seeing what Ryan did, I immediately wished I had a truckload of money to properly convince him to do a sword & sorcey comic with me. Man, I dig his style. See more of what he can do in Gun Street Girl, a freaking excellent webcomic of modern-day crime smashing headfirst into urban fantasy.

Plans are brewing. But that's the way it usually is in these parts. Stay tuned for more mayhem.

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