Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Game...

...was a few rounds of Magic: The Gathering with my roommate. Of course, he totally schooled me hard, since I haven't played since I played Magic with my ex-wife about a year ago.

Quick aside: We bought Magic theme decks to play with each other so we'd have things to do and keep the marriage fresh. Jeez, thanks a whole helluva lot, Magic. But seriously, now I have a whole stack of theme decks and better company to play them with. Victory!

Anyways, the roomie and I played a few hands and I got introduced to the Planechase variation of M:tG. Sadly for my roomie, by that point I was tired of playing. Still, I look forward to tooling around with it more in the future!

Depressingly, I won one of the four games. Each time (minus the Planechase game) I played with my Coldsnap Snowscape black and blue deck, while Knoll (my roomie) played the Morningtide Battalion white and blue; Shamanism white, black and green; and Going Rogue blue and black decks. As I said, Knoll handed my ass to me-- except for the time when my magical undead minions triumphed! And it was only really due to me drawing my Rimefeather Owl... I mean, just look at this sucker:

Okay, sure, I got lucky and drew him every game... But I wasn't able to use him to any damn good effect until the third game in, where I came back from the almost-dead to take Knoll (who was at 20 hit points, mind) out in one shot. My Rimewind Taskmages and Storm Elemental helped out a lot on that furious assault, as well. So, really, aside from my one Zombie Musher, my undead minions did next-to-dick.

By the way: The Zombie Musher may one of the best cards evar...

Does he (or she) rule or what?

All in all, a fun time was had. My thanks to Knoll for taking it easy on my dense ass.

While I don't play M:tG all that often, I would love to make a super-killer-awesome undead deck. It doesn't have to be a Winner Deck, either-- I just love playing a cool deck full of dead things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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