Friday, May 28, 2010

I was watching...

Dead Space: Downfall

Now, I haven't played the video game yet-- but it seems like something up my undead & space alien loving alley. But I did manage to get a hold of this DVD and I figured "What the heck... should be worth a laugh..."

Instead of a laugh I was treated to around 1 hour and fifteen minutes of fun. More on this prequel to the Dead Space game can be found HERE. Yeah, I'm totally lazy. Live with it.

In short... Ready? Right. In short, space Scientologists get a really cool artefact from a dead world and try to take to Earth in a big spaceship, which gets overrun by these ghoulish horrible monsters that horribly take over people's bodies (and... souls?) and turn them into hideous monsters called Necromorphs.

Pretty fucking neat, in other words.

Note: Commentary on the screen cap images is below the particular image. Just so you know, aight?

Overall, I really dug it. Despite what some naysayers said, I feel that the animation and voice-acting were quite passable, and the script written by comic book greats Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray was pretty awesome. And awesomely violent. I suppose I should point out at this point that if images of graphic violence bother you-- stop reading RIGHT NOW. Thanks. I have a bunch of screen caps that aren't in any particular order and give no spoilers really. Take the one above... this was a really creepy part. Hats off to the crew for succeeding in creeping me out there.

Ahh... sunbathing for the above fellow was never the same again.

Sunbathing or not, motherfucker needs to die.

Yes, there's a shower scene! And it was quite special. I made sure to edit this shot for the families out there. You're welcome.

There were some great shots in this animated film, and here's one of them. Subtle, yet incredibly effective.

Door to door sales will not be tolerated. Just ask these Necromorphs. They'll tell you so.

Yea, verily, tis a draw-dropping-- er, ripping experience!

Dear WaltargetMart: Please sell these bad-ass laser chaisaw thingies. I'll take six.

Now in CreatureVision!

Yeah, I really liked primary protagonist, Alissa Vincent.

Do you SEE what those laser chainsaw thingies can do??? There has to be one available on Amazon, right?

AHHHHHH! HOLY SHIT NECROBABYMORPHS!!! Nightmares for the week achievement: Unlocked.

Because I simply can't help it-- HEEEEERE'S JOHNNY... and JIMMY!!! Really, this film had some seriously great moments.

Overall, it slays about 3 of the 5 party members in the group, and severely injures one other, possibly even inflicting some weeping level-loss. If you like 1) sci-fi, 2) horror and 3) gratuitous violence then 4) you'll really like this.

Verdict: Watch it. You should enjoy it.

I should read and post my thoughts of the Dead Space comic books, which bridges the gap between video game and movie.