Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Chimaera Studios is proud to announce the CHIMAERA HERO BATTLES game for Facebook! For over a decade Chimaera Studios has brought you their own comics filled with all kinds of Chimaera Heroes and Villains… and now you too can be a part of the action through the convenience of Facebook and the services of Signity Solutions as it's partner in development of the game. Create a Hero or Villain, participate in over 1000 Player Level Missions (with 3000 more in production!), check out more than 100 Special Missions containing dozens of levels worth of missions specific to a Chimaera comic title—with bonus awards, and go toe to toe with Chimaera characters like Silent Ghost, Lonebow, Wargod, Otherman, The American, Samurai Zombie, and many more played by actual Chimaera Comics creators!! That’s right: You can match power and wits with our writers, artists and game designers… Battle them at your own risk, boys and girls!

George T. Singley, the Owner and President of Chimaera Studios, has this to say: “Never before has anyone tried something THIS epic. This is the first true fully functional comic book ultra-experience all in one app! The unique combat system gives quick but immersive battle strategies that become endless— but it’s great for beginner online gamers and fantastic for seasoned online RPG and PVP battle gamers! The full range of playability and quick turn around in game of certain features gives an immersive player experience for a long, long time.”

CHIMAERA HERO BATTLES has a lot to offer gamers of all kinds, including engaging battles, a fantastic range of skills, lots of cool enhancements, and an enriched character upgrade system; plus you get near infinite player and income levelling. Casual and hardcore players alike will also be pleased to hear that CHIMAREA HERO BATTLES will constantly be adding new missions, upgrades, enhancements, special items and other features to the game! Not only that, but you can read Chimaera Comics IN GAME—while you PLAY!!

Singley adds: “So, let’s say you’re playing me, you can also be reading the comics Consortium of Justice, Hellhounds, Wargod, Titus, Blaze Anderson: Cosmonaut!, The Kraken, Jesus Hates Zombies, Her Majesty's Bulldog Brigade, Magus The Illusionist, Deadmen 6, The Secret Cross, Robo Death and much, much more. How awesome is that? Gang, I’m stoked. I could be playing instead of being quoted for this press release… Heck with it, I’m goin’ back to the game...see you there guys and gals!”

In his haste to get back to playing, George neglected to mention that there will also be an upcoming Nightmaera Horror Comics CHIMAERA HERO BATTLES Action Figures available for pre order (available in 8" and 5") among other things.

And what’s a launch without specials or promotions? The first 50,000 users to join CHIMAERA HERO BATTLES get 30 Consortium of Justice points if they nobly choose the Hero faction or 30 Syndicate of Sorrow points if they decide to play a nefarious Villain! 50,001 to 150,000 of the initial game player sign-ups will receive 20 In-Game Points to use for special upgrades and skill boosters! The last (but certainly not least!) group to benefit from initial beta launch sign-up and game play will be users 150,001 to 200,000, and they’ll earn 10 Bonus COJ or SOS In-Game Points straight out of the gate!!! And don’t worry; there’ll be specific Holiday specials and oh-so-much more to come, guys and gals!!! Hurry up and join the game free now to get your possible bonus COJ/SOS points. GO HERE to jump into the action!

At Chimaera Studios and Chimaera Comics, we endeavour to bring you only the best in entertainment across industry genres. Whether you are a dedicated geek or just passing through for a good time, we’re there for you! We are positive that if you’re looking for a killer Facebook game app to grab your attention, then CHIMAERA HERO BATTLES is just the ticket to ride you need.

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