Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midnight Mini pr0n: Metzner's Magnificent Madness

Okay, I'm going to be short, to the point, and assailing you with many pictures. See, GottaCon is going on right now, and I need to get up to work a booth and be on a panel concerning GMing in the morning. But I just HAD to post about what HAS to be my fave drool-worthy booth at the con-- and it concerns terrain.

I mean, I was so impressed that I'm putting off going to bed right now. In fact, this will be going up a bit after midnight because I'm working on this actual-time for a change.

Usually I'll tell fellow dork-nerds to get paper terrain, or make their own, because pre-made terrain for minis is usually very expensive. Especially if you want it to look good.

Well, look at this real quick:

It even comes with little spiders!

Neat, eh? How much do you think they would cost? They're decent size, keep in mind. Like the size of a large fist. Maybe bigger.


In case you can't make that out, it says they're $7.50 a piece. Seven dollars and fifty cents. Holy. Shit.

Let's continue with more pictures and the information you'll need to order some after the jump, shall we?

Now, let the eye-feasting continue!

The first things I saw...

So, there's this guy named Robert Metzner, and he lives in Vancouver B.C...

And when he isn't being a wonderfully jovial dude, he's busy kicking massive ass building terrain.

Trees have never looked so sexy.
He has the help of family and friends, and this is all a huge labour of love for them.

Those Coke cans don't have a chance!

I am actually drooling on my keyboard.


When I was talking to Mr. Metzner, I could totally tell he is consumed with a passion for model-making. It was inspiring, honestly.

Yes. Those are some fine looking rocks. I'll take 14.

Oh, hey! Great plants! I wonder if--
I just love those last two. When I was shown the hidden troops in the plant, I was, like "DAMN!". That would be an epic dick move in any wargame. I love it.

Sigh. Love it, too.

I call this one "METAL Mountain".

"If we wait here, Pete, we'll get Dude-ka-bobs!"

Now for one of the things that really made me giddy. I have a feeling that these guys showing of their terrain had no idea just how excited I was.

Okay, well, maybe they did.

Gorgeous. I will marry this pillbox, please.

And for all you Warhammer fans...

Driveway Victory

The Emperor is mighty pleased, that's for sure.

Here's the truly inspired and mindblowingly awesome part:

Enlarge. Yes, that's FO' REALS.

You can't beat those prices. I don't think you can, anyway. Not with the quality they are throwing at us. This stuff looks and feels great without you leaving financially murdered. I was told that they will take orders, but larger items might be tricky shipping price-wise. However, since Robert was extrordinarily friendly, and seemed to keep as-friendly company, I'm sure y'all can come to some sort of arrangement. Myself, I'll be ordering fairly regularly, I'm sure.


Just look, man:


$17.50? I'll freaking live in it.

The burial mounds win. They just... win. Seriously, I loved them so, so much. The way I figure it, my girlfriend wants a hobbit house one day, and this would be a good compromise.

You think I'm kidding when I say I would live in a life-sized version of those burial mounds. Shows what you know.

You may be thinking right now "HOW CAN I GET MY FILTHY HANDS ON THESE AMAZINGSOME THINGS?", and I certainly cannot blame you.

I was told the website is still being out together; and when it is, I will be sure to post the link right here in this blog (and linking back to this post, of course). In the meantime, you can contact Robert Metzner via email or phone him at (604) 942-9686.

That's all for now. I need to sleep.

 Please comment and let me know what you think of tonight's pr0n!

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