Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hardcore Book pr0n: First Edition Timez

Bearing Midnight Mini pr0n in mind, I was thinking...

I enjoy buying used books. In fact, I love finding rare gems of nerdy goodness that I have--HAVEHAVEHAVE-- to buy. And the cheaper and thiftstore-ier the better. So, earlier today, I was looking through the local Beacon Community Services Thrift Shop with my lovely better half and lo and behold, I found some books.

Now, many of you don't know that shopping for used books in Victoria, BC can be rather irritating. It's not for lack of bookstores. Oh, no, we have a veritable anti-dearth of them. Bookstores are everywhere here. But used books are still kinda pricey.

Too pricey, usually.

Enter thrift stores. Especially thrift stores outside of the tourist areas. What you see pictured is what I picked up for 75 cents a pop.

My god, they're full of... words.

Starting form left to right...

With Friends Like These... by Alan Dean Foster
Stories from one of my all-time fave writers. Awesomesauce +5.

The Radiant Dragon by Elaine Cunningham
Part 4 in the Cloakmaster Cycle... Which I may have read long ago. Look, I love Spelljammer. Love it to pieces. This book was an excellent find.

Kaduna Memories by Jack McKinney
You know, I never knew that the writing team (Jack is two dudes) of the Robotech novels (I read all of them--ALL) was behind something non-Robotech. Fantastic! I look forward to reading this First Contact story. I should hunt down the Black Hole Travel Agency books, too.

At some point I will get around to reading them. When I do, you'll be the first to know my thoughts.

Just so you know, Hardcore Book pr0n will feature my amazing book finds, or me talking about a "re-find", where I rediscover a book I've had for a while.

Fun Fact: The books you see pictured have a cool drawing my girlfriend did for something were working on as a background. I know you can't see it... just thought I'd point that out.


Glenn said...

Glad to see a love for SpellJammer in there. I would love to have seen a 3e edition of this. I'm almost sad the Dark Sun was brought back in 4e. Also, TIL from this post that Jack McKinney was actually two people.

Steve Saunders said...

Maybe I should get a Spelljammer game together sometime... or, better yet: A Hackjammer game! (Hackmaster's version of Spelljammer)

And yeah, JmcK is two dudes... was, rather, as one of them died (sadly). Absolutely loved the Robotech novels. Probably the best part of the entire Robotech franchise, truth be told.

I would still like to see Dark Sun 4th ed. But what I would really like to see is Dark Sun get the WFRP treatment-- make it soooo brutal and harsh that your chars are more worried about where the water is coming from than gain the loots.