Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deadpool #1 [Comics!]

"Is this really the best plan we could come up with?"

Huh. Well, that was somewhat blandly interesting. Or interestingly bland. Or pop-tarts. The blueberry kind. Know what I mean?

Having not kept up on the "OMG! SKRULLZ!" stuff goin' on in the Marvel Universe, I might be missing out on a joke or two. But still, this issue is pretty straight forward. No surprises, decent Deadpoolian narration, great art and pretty much a meh-tastic, stock standard comic book for folks who dig comic books. It's not bad, it's not impressive-- it just is. It's also a good jumping on point (well, maybe) for new readers. Fact is, I thought writer Daniel Way was going to deliver something absolutely painful, and to be honest I kinda wish he had. See, this issue does have action, it has some Deadpool tropes and trappings we know and love, but it just doesn't... impress. It's horribly average. And I was hoping for something a little more on the stunning side, provided it didn't suck balls like I feared it would.

Scratch that. I'd rather have horribly average than averagely horrible. It's really better than I'm giving it credit for. After eating a cupcake while typing this, I realise I'm being a dick and should rate this comic a little higher. It does deserve that.

So, really, not a bad issue. In fact, I liked it. I just wish it was better. I love Deadpool, you see, and I was really enjoyed the end of that crazy run on Cable & Deadpool. But now my fave merc gets his own series again, and they gave it to a guy who is indeed very cool and nice, but the only thing I can think he did was a much hated run (ride?) on Ghost Rider. Personally, I didn't hate it all that much. I didn't like it... but I didn't dislike it either. It certainly wasn't as good, even all combined, as this first issue of the new Deadpool series.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Screw you Steve, Deadpool is lame."

Wait, not you. Jerk.

I know what you are thinking: "Steve, as one Deadpool fan-being to another, will this issue appeal to me?"

Excellent question! And to that I have to say "Yes, but only tentatively. I think some fans will dig it, no doubt; but others will be quite cautious and will see where it goes, if anywhere, especially if it heads off to Ibiza to party. Everyone loves parties."

I fall in the latter category, in case you're wondering.

Hey, I don't care what you have to say on the matter, jerk!

Oh no, not you! I like you. Stay with me here.

Mr. Way does indeed seem to "get" Deadpool-- at least enough to write an okay first issue, anyhow. I will proudly admit that the last page is great, and classic Wade Wilson. The art is fantastic and a totally welcome sight for sore eyes...

Right, we'll pretend I didn't say that last bit. Did I really need to say it that way?

The art kicks serious ass. Seriously.

Overall, the whole issue is one great big fight scene, and it sure does look purty. As for how it's written, I can see Way has chosen the more zany aspects of Deadpool to focus on, and while that's all well and good, I sure pray he changes it up a bit or else this comic will get very, very boring very, very fast.

I do have faith, though. I think it can pulled off. I suppose it's a "wait and see" kind of thing.

No, not THAT kind of "wait and see". What's wrong with you?!

Aw, not you! Come on, don't cry. I meant it for that other guy. The jerk. It's okay... we can cuddle if you want.

Oh, I forgot to mention Deadpool #1 is pretty fun. Fun is fun, right? And Deadpool should be fun. And funny. And Deadpooly. I like Deadpooly things.

Lethality: Of the five-man party, two return spewing wild tales of oddly clawed beasts and dire penguins equipped with steam-powered jet-packs. "But you don't know what a jet-pack is!" says the GM. And to this the adventures remind him that they had purchased a bed and breakfast in the Barrier Peaks, where they kept pet vegepygmies. In obvious anger and frustration, the GM unleashes over-zealous daemonic weightlifting instructor automatons on the survivors. Will they get out of this alive?


Hdefined said...

As a fan of Kelly and Priest's runs, I hate "Deadpool vision."

Steve Saunders said...

Kelly and Priest had the best runs, no doubt in my mind about that. "Deadpool vision" is interesting to me, and I liked how Way handled it-- but it certainly makes Deadpool more like a zany cartoon character rather than a wry, cynical, 4th wall shattering lunatic (and thus should be used sparingly imo; YMMV). I just hope Way explores all the many different aspects of Deadpool rather than just go for the cheap laughs aimed at a general "PG" audience.