Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play and Read Like a Pirate

National Talk Like a Pirate Day, huh? That's cool. Y'all have fun with that.

What you can have more fun with are the following...

First, a pirate RPG you may not have heard of. Called Poison'd, here's the bit about it from an older blog entry on the game:

"In this, the Year of Our Lord 1683, did end the bloody career of the pirate Captain Jonathan Abraham Pallor, called Brimstone Jack. He did not die on the gallows, nor by the sword, nor shot in two by cannon. He died of poison, administered to him by his cook, an assassin under the King’s orders. This is what happened next."

More info can be found here.

Then there's the huge RPGnet thread that sparked all sorts of angry and passionate responses. Read it here.

You see, the game is for adults and can be very messed up. It all depends on how far the group wants to go, and there is all sorts of opportunity for ghoulish fun. Basically, I get the impression that Poison'd is one of those RPGs that is fucked up; and if fucked up things bother you-- you should steer clear, matey.

Personally, I will give this game a shot and see if it's worth boarding. Fellow interested parties should purchase it here.

If you get it, drop me a line and give me your thoughts. If you want.

The other thing that you should be aware of is BOOM! Studio's Talk Like a Pirate Day Sale. Here's some of the copy on that:

"Is your Jolly Roger flying at half mast? Is your rudder covered in barnacles? Are your timbers in need of shivering? Well fret no more, mateys, because BOOM! has the grog you need to satisfy your piratical thirst. International Talk Like A Pirate Day has come and BOOM! is celebrating with a big sale. From now until the end of September, PIRATE TALES will be offered at BOOM!'s web store for 35% off cover price, which saves you some serious doubloons.

And because the Ninja is the natural adversary of the Pirate, NINJA TALES
has also been sliced and diced to 35% off cover price. So celebrate this year's Talk Like A Pirate Day by indulging in two of BOOM!'s award winning anthologies, PIRATE TALES and NINJA TALES."

The data continues here. Looks like it lasts until the end of September. Ninja Tales isn't bad
a'tall and I reviewed Pirate Tales for Silver Bullet Comic Books back in November. I gave it a 4/5. Pirate Tales quite enjoyable and I heartily recommend it.

There is a lot other other piratey goodness (and ninja goodness, I'm sure) going on out there, but here are a couple of things to walk your plank. I haven't played Poison'd yet, but from what I hear It sounds great. And you can read what I said about Pirate Tales in the review.

And if you are looking for a good pirate book, I cannot recommend the novel Fell Cargo by Dan Abnett enough! Even if you don't know or like the Warhammer Fantasy universe, you can still jump right in and enjoy this book. It's got pirates, zombies, daemons, mystery, action, a whole ship's worth of awesome. Do yourself a favour and read this book, dammit. Or suffer a curse most foul!

(Read a sample extract here, you blackhearts!)


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