Friday, September 14, 2007

Roll Initiative

So... I have decided to start yet another blog. Well, I don't write a lot of blogs or anything; I just have started a couple, only to let the fall to the wayside. Now, I do have a primary place I post my thoughts, trials, tribulations, and taco-love-- my Livejournal. You are welcome to swing by, check it out, add me, all that fun stuff. I suppose I could have done all of this there, but I feel that having a blog (how many times can I say that damned word?) of this nature will help alleviate those LJ friends of mine who have little to now interest in reading about this crap. Besides, their scrolling fingers could use a break.

Then there's, a site that I write for now and then, and I'm even told I co-run it in a way (all lies; my buddy Ryan Speck does most, if not all of the work). Originally, this was going to be a feature over there. However, I wanted all these tidbits under "one roof" and at MG I would have had to split things up according to subject article-wise. This is not to say that I won't write about this stuff over at MG (or my LJ). Oh, no. I like to write stuff at MediaGauntlet when I can. It's a great site.

That leaves Silver Bullet Comic Books. I love that site. So much so that I tirelessly write a weekly column over there called ALL THE RAGE. But that concerns comic books... and though I love comics, I want to talk about other things. I also don't want to have to write long reviews or anything. That's what this blog is for.

What should you expect with Diary of a Grognerd? A few things, really. I'm going to yap about comics, roleplaying games, videogames, books, and all the other stuff that falls into those realms. And maybe other stuff, too (such as, say, boardgames). Don't expect me to be all that frequent. I'm notorious for starting shit and never finishing it. I get all excited and then -fump-, something new and shiny item distracts me. That's why I want this to be about a wide array of "nerdy" things. Hopefully, it can be of some use to you. If you have a suggestion or comment, please don't hesitate to leave one. I like hearing from people.

Let's see if this lasts more then a couple weeks, shall we?

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